• How To Create An Elegant Bedroom

    16 December 2015

    Whether you are a busy person who works outside of the home or whether you're a stay-at-home-mom, it's great to know that you can retreat into your bedroom area for some peace and quiet. If you are wanting to establish a feeling of elegance in the room, here are some ideas that might inspire you to create something unique and lovely. The Floors - Of course, carpet is one good choice.

  • Three Simple Decorating Ideas For A Backyard Party

    20 November 2015

    Whether you are hosting a small, intimate wedding or you are throwing a summer fete, decorating your backyard helps to set the tone for the event. Here are a few simple ideas you can use to bring a beautiful, festive look to your backyard area. Paper Lanterns Paper lanterns offer a beautiful way to decorate your space for a party. There are several ways you can add these lanterns to your party area.

  • Answering Rodent Control Questions Homeowners Often Have

    26 October 2015

    Mice have the potential to cause a great deal of damage to your home as well as spreading diseases to your family members. Despite the prevalence of this threat, there are many homeowners that are ill-informed about mice. This can make it difficult for them to make informed decisions about this problem. If you have little experience with handling a mouse problem, you might benefit from the following answers for fairly routine questions.

  • While The Cat's Away, The Mice Will Play - Stopping Mice From Partying In Your Home

    7 October 2015

    If you have noticed an occasional mouse or two scooting through your home, chances are a whole lot more of them are harbored in your walls, attic or crawl space. Once you have a few mice, they can become a huge problem if they are not eliminated effectively. Here are a few ways you can deter mice from using your home as their stomping grounds, and some ways to eliminate them for good if they become excessive in number.

  • Preparing For An Organized Move: Tips For Moving To A Storage Unit Quickly

    8 September 2015

    There may come a time in life when you suddenly find that you have to move with little to no notice. This can result in the need to put your belongings into self-storage for a period of time until you can get placed into your next home. Even if you are in a rush to get your things moved, it is important to take a few minutes to carefully orchestrate the move so that you don't end up losing or damaging a lot of your property.

  • Remove That Horrible Odor From Your Carpet

    11 August 2015

    Does your carpet stink? After looking around your home for the source of an unpleasant odor, you might notice that it is actually your carpet that stinks. Depending on the source of the odor, such as mold, you may need to have your carpet replaced. However, there might be simpler ways to remove odors from your carpet. Spray Vinegar Vinegar can eliminate bad odors. You may not like how vinegar smells, but the smell of vinegar dissipates after it dries.

  • Native Landscaping Planning

    24 July 2015

    It may be tempting when choosing a native landscaping design to stop mowing the lawn and just let nature "take over." However, native landscaping requires planning and purposeful implementation, just like non-native landscaping. These tips will help you pick the right native landscaping plants for your yard while also helping you plan the perfect landscaping design for your needs.  Match the Plants to the Conditions Just because a plant is native to your state doesn't mean that plant is native to your specific region.

  • 4 Tips For Choosing Curtain Colors

    26 June 2015

    Curtains not only protect your privacy and block unwanted sunlight, but also play an important role in your home decor. While many buyers simply choose curtains in their favorite shades, or pick colors that look good hanging in the showroom, a better strategy is to consider the impact that different curtain colors will have on your home. Check out these four tips to help you select colors you'll love. Blending In

  • Should You Remove Your Storm-Damaged Tree Or Save It?

    9 June 2015

    Spring storms and heavy winter ice do a lot of damage to trees. It's sad when one of your favorite trees loses a big limb, because the entire tree may have to be taken down. Here are some things to think about when trying to decide if you should save the tree or remove it. Amount Of Bark Damage A clean break is much better than one that strips off a lot of bark.

  • Turn A Wagon Wheel Into A Decorative Piece

    20 May 2015

    Giving your home a country feel can be easy if you are willing to think outside of the box when it comes to your interior decorating. You can transform items into new and exciting decorative pieces with just a little creativity. The following guide will teach you how to turn an old wooden wagon wheels into a mirror that you can be proud to hang on your wall. Make a Backboard