4 Tips For Choosing Curtain Colors

by Jayden Fisher

Curtains not only protect your privacy and block unwanted sunlight, but also play an important role in your home decor. While many buyers simply choose curtains in their favorite shades, or pick colors that look good hanging in the showroom, a better strategy is to consider the impact that different curtain colors will have on your home. Check out these four tips to help you select colors you'll love.

Blending In

If you want your rooms to look cohesive and relaxing, pick curtains that will blend in rather than stand out. Find the right shade by taking a close look at your walls, then pick curtains that are the same shade or just a few shades darker. Another option is to pick a subtle undertone in the room, such as an accent color in your rug, and match the curtains to that tone. This strategy is a great way to add depth and texture without making the curtains a focal point over other features.

Standing Out

Of course, you can also use curtains to add a pop of color and make a bold statement by choosing bright colors that complement the walls and furniture without matching them. This is a great option for livening up a boring space without making permanent changes or big investments. If you choose this strategy, keep in mind that brightly colored curtains will infuse the entire room with color as the sun shines through, so think about how that colored light will look before buying curtains.


While patterned curtains can add character, you should only use patterned draperies if your furniture is on the plain side. A heavily patterned curtain next to a patterned sofa or rug might look too busy. On the other hand, if you have plain furniture, consider adding patterned curtains to keep the room from looking too boring. You don't have to go for wild prints, as even some basic stripes or polka dots can add much-needed flavor.

Helpful Hints

​No matter your color or pattern preferences, there are a few things you must always keep in mind when choosing curtain colors. First, remember that the sun will fade brightly colored curtains over time, which means you might not want a rich hue in rooms that receive a lot of sunlight. Second, don't feel obligated to keep the same curtain color throughout the home, unless you have an open floor plan. In homes with separate rooms, each room should have curtains that complement the decor within that particular space, regardless of what color curtains you choose for adjacent rooms.

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