Preparing For An Organized Move: Tips For Moving To A Storage Unit Quickly

by Jayden Fisher

There may come a time in life when you suddenly find that you have to move with little to no notice. This can result in the need to put your belongings into self-storage for a period of time until you can get placed into your next home. Even if you are in a rush to get your things moved, it is important to take a few minutes to carefully orchestrate the move so that you don't end up losing or damaging a lot of your property. The following tips can help you quickly get your belongings into a storage unit in an organized manner:

Pack the Non-Essentials First

As soon as you are notified that you are moving, begin packing anything that you will not need in the immediate future. Pack your winter wardrobe if you are moving during warmer weather, pack up any nice dishware that you don't use on a daily basis, and pack anything else that you will not have an immediate use for. Doing so will allow you to only have the bare essentials left to pack immediately before you have to load your belongings on a moving van, which can help you save some additional time.

Label Everything

Another way to keep yourself organized is to carefully label your boxes as you go. It seems like common sense for most people to label the boxes, but when you are in a rush, labeling can sometimes be overlooked, which can cause major confusion later on. If your things will be in storage for a while and you have to go pick something up, you don't want to have to weed through a bunch of unlabeled boxes to find what you are looking for.

Keep a Master List

As you are packing your home for a storage unit, keep a running tally of how many boxes belong to each room. Group like items together and label them "box 1 of 2" and what room it will belong in your new home. Making a master list will not take up too much time and it can be a lifesaver once you move everything from the storage unit to your new home.

Moving your items into a storage unit is not always the most pleasant job, but it is very important that you take your time and remain organized. Begin your planning process as soon as you know you will have to move, and you will be much less stressed.