Should You Remove Your Storm-Damaged Tree Or Save It?

by Jayden Fisher

Spring storms and heavy winter ice do a lot of damage to trees. It's sad when one of your favorite trees loses a big limb, because the entire tree may have to be taken down. Here are some things to think about when trying to decide if you should save the tree or remove it.

Amount Of Bark Damage

A clean break is much better than one that strips off a lot of bark. The tree can heal from bark damage, but it may take a few years. In the mean time, missing bark makes the tree more vulnerable to diseases and insect damage. Not only that, the tree may not be able to nourish itself if a ring of bark is torn from the trunk of the tree. If your tree is missing a ring or strip of bark from a broken limb or lightning damage, call a professional to assess the situation and help you decide if the tree can be saved.

Proximity To Your House

The stability of the tree may be affected when a big limb is lost. This may not matter if the tree is in an open field where nothing will be hurt if it falls. However, if the tree is in your front yard next to your house, it's important to make sure it is still stable. It may be best to remove a tree if the heavy side faces your home. Otherwise the next big storm could cause the tree to fall into your roof.

Appearance Of The Tree

The appearance of your tree changes quite a bit when it loses a big limb or part of the crown. While you may not like the new look, it's best to wait before cutting the tree down. If the tree is otherwise still healthy, you may find it will grow new limbs and branches to fill in the missing limb. It may take one or two growing seasons for the tree to recover. Cutting down the tree too soon doesn't give it a chance to bounce back to its usual beauty.

When a mature tree suffers extensive damage, it's a good idea to have an arborist take a look. He or she will assess the health of the tree along with its stability. It may be necessary to remove the tree to keep your family and property safe from harm. If several trees in your area were damaged, you may not be able to get a tree service company to come out right away unless the tree poses an immediate danger. While you can take care of small limbs yourself, it's best to leave tree removal to an expert like L & M Tree Services, especially when the tree is unbalanced.