4 Tips For Installing Sod Around Your Home

by Jayden Fisher

Have you struggled with growing grass on your own and want to use sod instead? While it is incredibly easy to have sod delivered to your home, there is a bit of work that needs to go into installing it. Here are a few tips to help ensure your sod installation is successful.

Prep The Lawn 

The most labor-intensive part of the whole process will be preparing the lawn. That is because you need to loosen the top couple of inches of soil for the sod to take root. All of the stones, sticks, and debris will also need to be removed from the surface. At this point, you can even add a soil amendment, such as sand or compost, to help improve the ground's fertility and improve drainage. 

Measure The Yard

You'll need to take some measurements to know how much sod you actually need. The best way to do this is to calculate the square footage of your yard by multiplying the length and width as measured in feet. You may need to break the lawn up into small sections to measure around garden beds, trees, and other objects, then add all your measurements together. Since sod is sold by the square yard, you'll divide your total square footage by 9 to get the proper measurements.  

Just make sure you order some extra sod to be on the safe side. You'll be cutting pieces of sod to fit, and you want to make sure you have extra in case you make a mistake. 

Lay The Sod Properly

It's always best to start in a corner when laying strips of sod, using a flat edge such as a sidewalk or driveway to get things aligned in a straight line. When you install your next row of sod, you'll want to stagger the strips so that they come together like bricks on your home. This helps reduce the number of areas where four corners of sod come together, which helps the sod look seamless. 

Water The Sod Regularly

There are a few tricks for watering sod, which start with watering immediately after the installation. This prevents the sod from potentially drying out, and keeps the soil underneath the sod moist. You'll need to frequently water the sod over the first week since you want to encourage those roots to grow deep into the soil beneath the sod. It's always best to water early in the day so that the sun doesn't cause the water to evaporate. 

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