5 Tips For Successful Gutter Guard Installation

by Jayden Fisher

Gutter guards don't eliminate gutter cleaning, but they reduce the frequency of cleaning while also making the process easier. For a successful installation, refer to these tips. 

1. Start With a Clean Slate 

Never install gutter guards without first cleaning out the gutters, otherwise, there will be debris trapped beneath the new gutter covers. Professional cleaning is ideal, as this way you can be assured there is no debris left in the downspouts or other hard-to-reach areas. If there is leaf litter and other debris on the roof, this is also a good time to sweep it off. 

2. Make Minor Repairs

All repairs should be made before the gutter guards are installed, otherwise, it can be a hassle to remove the guards later when repairs can no longer be put off. On a dry day, use a garden hose to run water through the gutters. Check for leaks at failed seams or pinhole leaks in the gutter troughs. If leaks are found, dry the troughs then seal the leaks with a silicone gutter sealant. Let this dry before installing the guards. 

3. Choose the Right Style

There are many different types of gutter covers on the market, so you want to choose those that best fit your climate and needs. For example, mesh and screen guards are best when tiny debris is a problem, but they aren't as well suited if large leaves are the problem. Foam or bottle brush guards are best when large debris like fallen leaves are the culprit. Your installer can walk you through the different styles so you can choose the right one.

4. Use the Right Hardware

Gutter guards need to be attached in a manner that makes them easy to remove but ensures they won't come off. Basic external clips are suitable in climates where high winds aren't a problem, but extra security is needed in areas prone to wind storms, tornadoes, or hurricanes. Special wind clips are available that will better secure gutter covers so they don't come unfastened during a storm when you need them most.

5. Protect Any Warranties

Your gutter and roof may be under warranty, and many gutter cover products also come with a warranty. One common restriction with the types of warranties that cover roofs and roof accessories like gutters is that all installation and repairs must be completed by a licensed roofer or gutter installer. Protect your warranties by having a professional install the new gutter guards. 

Contact a gutter cover installation contractor for more assistance.