How To Use Ant Bait The Right Way

by Jayden Fisher

Have a problem with ants getting into your home? If so, the best way to take care of them will be to use ant bait. Ant bait allows you to kill entire colonies of ants without even knowing where the colonies are located. Here are a few tips that will help ensure that you use ant bait the right way.

Keep The Area Sanitized

You may not be aware that ant bait is going to work best when there are no other sources of food available to the ants. This forces the ants to take the ant bait back to their colony rather than food, which causes the ant bait to work quickly. This means that you need to thoroughly clean your kitchen so that the ants are not picking up crumbs or other food that could be on the floor along the edges in places that you do not normally clean.

In addition, you'll want to clean the surfaces by only using warm water. If you use soap or a chemical cleaner, you are going to create a scent that the ants will avoid. They'll avoid the bait trap because they can sense that chemical smell that is unappealing to them. Keeping the odor as neutral as possible is best. 

Place Bait Where You Saw Ant Activity

The best placement for ant bait will be places where you see ants. These are paths where the worker ants are already traveling and will likely return to when the ant bait has been set. There are likely some cracks near walls and baseboards or where pipes penetrate a wall where the ants are getting in. Setting the bait near their entry points will result in the bait being more effective.

Allow The Ants To Come In

It is also important that you do not block off the entry points to stop the ants from coming in. As tempting as it may be to seal off the cracks where they are entering your home, the ants need to be able to take the bait back to their colony. Let them take the paths they are already taking so that they are not disturbed. 

You should also not disturb the ants as they come into your home. Ants can actually release pheromones that will keep the ants away from the bait. You want them to come and go with the bait so that they poison the rest of the colony.

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