What Do You Know About Hurricane Shutters? 4 Crucial Facts To Remember

by Jayden Fisher

Part of caring for your home includes protecting it from Mother Nature, especially when you live in hurricane-prone states. Shutters are a recommended way to cover your windows and prevent storm damage from ruining your home. The material and design of the shutters are sturdy enough to block branches, twigs, and other flying debris from getting inside your home. Despite their popularity, many people still have misconceptions about these window coverings and their usage. Here are four things you should remember about storm shutters. 

You Cannot Substitute Shutters With Plywood

Many homeowners believe that plywood is an excellent substitute for proper shutters. While the wood will cover up the windows completely, it does not match the tensile strength in the materials used to make shutters. The manufacturers test the strength of its material before releasing it to the market. The standard ones can withstand an object crashing against them at high speeds without buckling, letting the object into the house. You may use plywood when you have nothing else to protect your home from weather damage. However, you should save money and get the shutters installed at your earliest convenience.

Take Down the Shutters After the Storm

Many homeowners leave their shutters up throughout the year. They often do this because of the benefits they get, such as deterring criminals from accessing their property and controlling the amount of light that gets into the house. However, leaving the shutters on throughout the year might have its disadvantages. If a fire broke out in your home, you would have fewer escape routes with all openings covered with the shutters. Shutters could also lead to opportunistic vandals thinking you are not in the house and make them target your property. 

Cleaning and Maintenance Is a Must

The shutters will protect your house from storm damage when hurricane season comes. However, they only serve you efficiently when you clean and maintain them properly. After a storm, you should have a professional assess them and ensure they haven't suffered any damage that might compromise their future functionality. You should also open and close them every few months to ensure they are functional. Call a technician to repair any damage as soon as you spot them. 

Storm shutters keep you secure in the harshest season of the year. You should ensure you install a superior quality standard from the market and maintain them for long and reliable service. With the proper installation and constant maintenance, your home will be safe in the toughest of hurricanes. For more information about shutters, contact a provider.