4 Tips for Buying Furniture That Works Great With Cats

by Jayden Fisher

After moving to a new place, you may decide that you want to do a lot of furniture shopping to fill in empty spaces and replace existing furniture pieces. While you should make sure that the furniture you buy can satisfy your needs, you may also want to consider your cats.


Although you may try to provide your cats with toys and scratchers throughout the house to meet their needs and keep them entertained, you may find that it does not always work. If you know that your cats attempt to scratch your furniture on occasion, you should get strategical with material choice to minimize the chance of new purchases sustaining noticeable damage.

An excellent example is going with furniture that has a metal base and legs since your cats will not be able to cause much or any damage. If you are determined to go with wood furniture, you should prioritize hardwood over softwood that can handle cat scratching better in general.


While looking at furniture materials, you must also consider the different fabrics that you will come across. While you will find advantages and disadvantages with every fabric, you may want to own furniture that is easy to keep clean and this is what microfiber excels at doing. Along with cat hair not sticking to the fabric easily, you can look forward to cleaning the fabric without issue.


If you know that your cats love to spend time on furniture throughout your home, you should use this to help with buying new furniture. A great example is prioritizing a king mattress over a queen one when you anticipate that your cats will want to sleep with you in bed on occasion. By getting a large enough bed and other furniture pieces, you will not need to reposition your cats when you go to sit on a couch or lay down in bed.


After covering important details such as the material, fabric, and size, you will still find a lot of different colors with furniture while shopping around. A great goal is to furnish your home with colors that help cat hair blend in so that you do not see it on furniture everywhere you go.

When you keep your cats in mind while furniture shopping, you can look forward to making strategic purchases that maximize your satisfaction in the long run. Contact a furniture store to learn more.