Learn How To Remodel Your Bathroom To Make It More Accommodating If You Are Restricted To A Wheelchair

by Jayden Fisher

If you are restricted to a wheelchair, having a home that is customized to suit your needs can make daily living easier. One area that you may want to remodel first is your bathroom. Traditional bathrooms can often be difficult to navigate when restricted to a wheelchair and can pose many dangers. Use the guide below to learn how to have your bathroom remodeled to meet your specific needs.

Have a Barrier-Free Shower Installed

A barrier-free shower is a shower that has no barrier between the exterior and interior of the shower floor. You can easily roll your wheelchair directly into the shower without having to lift your body over the edge of a tub or lip at the edge of the shower. Have a bench and handrails installed in the shower so that you can easily maneuver yourself out of your chair and into the shower. You can slide yourself under the shower head to enjoy a nice warm shower after a long day. For more information on barrier-free showers, contact a company like Trending Accessibility.

Have Handrails Installed Around the Toilet

Being able to get on and off of the toilet on your own is important when you live alone. Having handrails installed around your toilet will allow you to easily get on and off of the toilet on your own as needed. It is important to have a professional install the rails to ensure that the installation is done properly so that they can support your weight fully.

Have a Pedestal Sink Installed

A pedestal sink is often a great option in your bathroom because it will provide you with more floor space so that you can easily maneuver around. The pedestal sink takes up less room than a traditional vanity without taking away from your ability to brush your teeth or wash your hands. 

Have the Mirror Lowered

When you move into the home, have the mirror lowered in the bathroom so that you can see yourself in the mirror easily when getting ready in the morning. You could have a larger mirror installed in place of a smaller mirror to give the room symmetry, as well.

Being able to be as safe and comfortable as possible in your own home is important. Customizing your home to suit your needs will take time, but remodeling the bathroom is a great place to start because it is one of the rooms that you will use often throughout the day.