3 Home Improvement Projects To Protect Your Family From Summer Storms

by Jayden Fisher

The temperatures are going to be rising soon, and this means that in addition to the heat, you will be dealing with summer storms. In some areas, storms can cause billions of dollars' worth of damage. This is why you want to protect your home and your family with improvements like shutters or a storm cellar. Here are some home improvement projects that you may want to consider to keep your family safe during summer storms:

1. Protect Your Home With Shutters To Cover Windows And Doors

Shutters can be one of the best and most affordable improvements that you do to your home. You may want to consider different types of shutters, such as roll-up shutters that work like a garage door. There are also traditional shutters, which attach to the outside of the window, and are opened and closed manually. If you are considering home automation, install the roll-up style shutter for ease of operation and installation of automated systems to open and close the shutters.

2. Keep Your Family Safe In Severe Weather With The Addition Of A Cellar

Even with shutters and other improvements, severe storms may be too bad for your home to withstand. It is a good idea to have a storm cellar installed for your home. This can be a cellar that is outdoors and beneath the ground, or it can be a panic-room inside your home. These are typical in homes in the Plains of the Midwest, but they can also be practical in many other areas of North America where storms are likely to bring heavy winds or tornadoes.

3. Install Hurricane Straps And Other Systems For Storm And Wind Resistance  

Hurricane strapping is something that has become more common in home construction. These are steel straps that attach different structural members of your home, such as the rafters and floor joists. There are many different types of systems to add hurricane resistance to your home, which can be done even in areas thousands of miles away from the sea. Consider updating your home with hurricane strap systems if it is several decades old. You can also contact a structural engineer and talk with a contractor about installing these systems for you.

These are some improvements that you may want to consider for your home to protect your family during summer storms. If your home is without shutters, contact a residential shutter installer to help install storm shutters on your home to protect your family.