Tips For Great Window Treatments For Your Kitchen

by Jayden Fisher

One of the most common rooms that homeowners enjoy decorating, and even redecorating, is the kitchen. Whether it's painting or purchasing new furniture and/or appliances, people want their kitchen to look its best since they're some of the most common rooms where people gather to converse with one another, whether it be for a family dinner or holiday party.

However, one of the best ways to spruce up your kitchen is to utilize window treatments.

Here are some tips that you can follow to successfully use window treatments in your kitchen


Most homeowners prefer to use window treatments that cover the entire window in their kitchen. While this is an acceptable thing to do, it can also be one that you may want to end up changing. You may find that the full window treatment coverings could be difficult to deal with, most notably when it comes to keeping them free of dust and stains. Furthermore, some full window treatment coverings can see their color fade due to sunlight.

Rather than using a full window treatment covering for your window, consider instead using basic shades and an upholstered cornice at the top of the window.


Allowing natural sunlight to shine into your kitchen is another useful tip to consider making note of. If you wish to have a vast amount of natural light shine in, you can achieve this one of two ways: either using shades or a more lightweight window treatment fabric, or using no window treatments at all.

Natural sunlight can not only brighten up the room and help bring a sort of "pop" to it, but it can also slightly warm up a room on a colder day.


One important tip to make note of involving kitchen window treatments is to make sure that you select the right colors that go with almost everything else in your kitchen. For example, if your kitchen walls are painted a shade of yellow, you will want to select window treatments that are either white, an off-white, or a lighter shade of the wall color, whereas if your kitchen walls are white, almost any other color can be used, preferably if it's a lighter shade.

Selecting the right colors for your window treatments can also play a role in basic color psychology - meaning that lighter colors will tend to mentally make a room appear to be larger than it actually is, while darker colors will mentally make a room appear to be smaller.


Other kinds of window treatments that some homeowners use are treatments that have faux finishes, which are finishes that appear to make fabrics and other materials look textured when they actually aren't.

If you wish to consider using faux finishes for your window treatments, there are plenty of types available depending on your preference. It is recommended that you contact your local furniture store or interior design professional for more information.

These are just a few of the select tips that you can make note of when it comes to making sure that the window treatments in your kitchen look their best. Talk to your local design experts, such as Interiors By Diane DeCero And Ann Art Faux Finishes, for more information.