Benefits Of Waterproofing Your Basement

by Jayden Fisher

When it comes to making a basement more secure and building a more solid foundation, waterproofing is key. A waterproof basement benefits you and your home in more ways than one. Explore the many benefits to waterproofing your basement in the Chicago area and gaining more confidence in your home.

What basement waterproofing is

Basement waterproofing works by sealing cracks and crevices in your current basement to prevent leaks and flooding, as well as additional precautions. When waterproofing a basement, a contractor will typically install a drain (commonly a French drain) inside your basement so water can escape from the interior of your home. Contractors often also put in drain fields outside your home as well so the pressure of outdoor moisture doesn't make your basement suffer inside.

Save money by avoiding water repairs

Every homeowner worries about their basement flooding, and for good reason. The average homeowner can expect to pay between $2,000 to upwards of $10,000 in water damage repairs to their home, and any water damage can lead to major issues with the home's original foundation. You can easily avoid water repair costs by making your basement waterproof. This protects your pocketbook as well as your home's integrity.

Reduce your energy costs

Waterproofing your basement not only helps keep water damage at bay, it helps protect your home from the nasty cold weather that is bound to come your way. Since waterproofing your basement involves sealing any cracks and crevices that exist in your basement's foundation, you're not only keeping water out, but you're keeping nasty drafts and temperature-dropping weather out as well. In short, waterproofing your basement helps keep it more insulated, which allows you to regulate your home's overall temperature. Your energy usage (and your comfort level) benefits as a result.

Prevent mold and odors

Nothing is more telltale of problems in your home than a dank-smelling basement. Constant moisture (both unseen and the obvious dripping kind) is likely what causes this issue, and where there is moisture, there is sure to be mold and rotting as well. Keep your basement a space in your home you can love by making it more waterproof so you not only can enjoy this space, but feel more safe when you go down in this area as well.

There are many reasons to waterproof your basement, especially if you live in the Chicago area. These benefits are just a few of the ways waterproofing your basement can be a positive project for your home. Visit for more information.