Answer These Four Questions To Learn Whether You Can Benefit From A Metal Roof

by Jayden Fisher

Metal roofs are durable and beautiful, but they are also costly. Therefore, before you install a metal roof over your house, you should probably evaluate its performance-to-cost ratio to determine its long-term value.  Answering these four questions will help you to determine just that:

How long do you want to own the property?

Since the durability of metal roofing is one of its strongest points, you have to ask yourself how long you plan to use the house. You wouldn't need a roof to last, say, more than 40 years if you only expect to use it for two decades or so.

According to Mother Earth News, some metal roofs last anywhere from 35 to more than 60 years depending on the type of metal. In short, you derive the maximum value for your metal roof if you plan to use it for that long.

What is the intrinsic value of the property under the roof?

Metal roofs can be quite costly. However, you may rationalize these relatively high initial costs if you are using a metal roof on an intrinsically valuable house. Do you plan to raise your family in the house? Then the metal roof may be a suitable option. Do you want a shade where you can store some extra belongings that you have no use for, but isn't ready to throw off yet? Then you might consider another material. Actually, it isn't the monetary worth of the items that will be under the metal roof, but rather how much you value them that really matters.

How many facilities do you plan to install on the roof?

Although metal roofs are relatively easy to maintain, they do not react well to roof penetrations. Therefore, you should consider how many roof installations you are likely to have on the roof. Do you want to install photovoltaic systems? What about the HVAC—will it be on the roof? The more facilities you have on the roof, the higher the penetrations will be, and these are the points in which metal roof damages are likely to originate.

Do you value the aesthetics of a metal roof?

Finally, you should ask yourself how much you value roof aesthetics. Many people consider metal roofs beautiful, especially considering that they are available in hundreds of colors and can be designed into unique shapes. In some cases, it might not even be your personal preference for beauty, but the purpose of the building that dictates a beautiful roof. For example, a high-profile retail complex generally needs to be attractive from top to bottom.

Answering these questions will help you to analyze the benefits-to-cost ratio. However, there are other technical considerations (such as building codes) that you can't ignore. Fortunately, there are roofing professionals, like those at Premium Panels Inc, who can answer any further questions you might have.