3 Options Of Flooring That Give You The Look Of Hardwood

by Jayden Fisher

No doubt hardwood floors are one of the most desired floors for houses. Many people try to put some sort of hardwood into their house, believing that it will not only improve the look, but the resale value as well. When budget does not allow for such an investment, people can turn to some less expensive alternatives that may not affect resale value as significantly as hardwood but will provide the look. There are 3 different types of floors that you can do that will give you the look of hardwood.

1. Laminate Flooring

You make laminate flooring by using some sort of resin or fiber that is laminated over and over again. With laminate, you can choose pretty much any kind of look that you want. This means that you can get the look of hardwood floor without the maintenance and cost.

The biggest advantage of laminate is the cost and care. It is much cheaper and much easier to maintain. Laminate will give you the look of wood, but it will not improve your resale value like wood will.

2. Engineered Wood

Another great option is engineered wood. This is the hybrid of wood and laminate. To make engineered wood, the manufacturer puts a thin layer of laminate on real wood. This is to protect the finish and make it easier to maintain. You still get the same quality that wood brings, but it doesn't wear as easily.

Another great reason for choosing engineered wood is that it has already accounted for climate change. This means that if it gets exposed to humidity, it won't expand, and in drier climates, it won't shrink. This is a big advantage for some people.

In addition, engineered wood is a good middle ground for cost. It is not as cheap as laminate, but it is more affordable than regular hardwood floors.

3. Vinyl Flooring

One of the most affordable options is to choose vinyl. Vinyl has been around for years, and many homeowners have been pleased with it. It holds up well, is easy to clean, and can come in many different looks.

One option for vinyl is to get it installed in planks. This option can make it look like you have wood, because each part of the floor is installed like wood planks, but each individual plank is actually vinyl. The pattern of the vinyl can be whatever pattern of wood that you want. You can get light, dark, oak, cedar, and many other kinds. This is a great option for someone on a budget. 

By understanding your different options for flooring, you can choose the right choice for your home. Contact a group like Towne Interiors for more information.